Online Courses

Our online courses are self-guided, self-paced, and require no prior knowledge. Learn how to take these online courses.

  • Developing a Media Kit

    This course will help you craft a mission statement, better understand your audience and advertisers, write your own biography, and pull it all together in a media kit and About Us page.

  • The 100-Day Plan

    This course guides you through the process of creating a 100-day plan designed to help publishers achieve their strategic goals through incremental steps.

  • Creating a Budget

    This course covers how to create a budget that will facilitate the financial sustainability of your news outlet.

  • Time Management

    This course will help you manage your time more efficiently and effectively, with a focus on ensuring you carve out adequate time for generating revenue.

  • Crafting an Elevator Pitch

    In this short course, author Janine Warner shows you how to create, practice, and deliver, an Elevator Pitch that can win the attention of even your busiest supporters.


INN provides a comprehensive set of resources and guides to the business and practice of journalism for emerging news nonprofits.

  • Fundraising for News Nonprofits

    The INN Fundraising Guide provides how-to resources on a wide variety of revenue streams for news nonprofits, and advice on developing capacity and strategies for fund development.

  • Legal Guide for Nonprofit News Organizations

    This guide is designed to help nonprofit news organizations reduce their legal liability by providing sample policies to be included on organization websites; sample contracts to be used for freelancers and other third parties; as well as other resources available to help alleviate legal risk.