News Entrepreneurs: Building the Knowledge Set

Whether you are starting up a new venture or managing an existing one, being a news entrepreneur is a challenging role. The entrepreneur must put together all the pieces of the puzzle. You have to think about the complete operation — from defining the strategy and mission of your organization to coordinating tasks for the daily operation. How to do this? Well, lots of blood, sweat, tears and having the right knowledge set.
Building the knowledge set is an important part to being a news entrepreneur. The Hub has some places you can start with toward creating those knowledge building blocks so you can make the best decisions possible for your operation.

Inc. Magazine
This magazine is a must for any entrepreneur. It features several news articles and resources to help with starting up a business as well as how to manage it once you have the business underway. Don’t miss the How-to section that offers simple and easy steps on business basics.

Entrepreneur Magazine
Another must-have in the entrepreneur toolbox is the Entrepreneur magazine. It offers information, resources and articles to help the business owner take their idea and how to make it come to life in the marketplace. One area not to miss is the Answers Section. It features questions on a variety of business issues by business owners that are answered by the magazine’s staff.

The Good magazine can serve as point of inspiration for the business owner. Good is a collaboration between individuals, nonprofits and businesses that seek to show innovative and different ways organizations, individuals and initiatives are making change in the world. One area not to miss on the site is the Business section which features content on various innovative companies as well as tips on how to help your organization become efficient.

Another site that can provide inspiration for the news entrepreneur is IDEO. IDEO is a global design consultancy. The News section includes links to articles written by or about IDEO staff on a variety of topics related to innovative ways to operate a business.

As a news entrepreneur, staying on top of the competition and knowing what is happening in various markets/sectors is an important task. is a site that provides comprehensive business coverage of 40 markets across the country.

Harvard Business School – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
The Havard Business School has a variety of business resources available online including the HBS Working Knowledge website (mentioned in a previous post). The Introduction to Entrepreneurship section features resources (websites, books, articles and case studies) that are originally geared toward the MBA student, but can also be applicable for the news entrepreneur. This section of the HBS site includes valuable information on how to search for funds, find a team, manage the venture and much more.

Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Resource Center
The Kauffman Foundation is one group that funds many entrepreneurial projects. The Resource Center is a special area devoted to entrepreneurs which includes daily articles on several different topics that may be of interest to the new business owner.

These are just a few places for the news entrepreneur to check out and add to the toolbox. Being informed as well as inspired by the kind of information you read is one step to becoming a successful news entrepreneur.

Photo Credit: andi.vs.zf via photopin cc