Business Tip of the Week: Business Documents

This is the first of what we hope to be regular business tips from within and outside INN. Today’s topic: sample business documents. Later this year, INN will be launching a new website featuring a series of best-practices driven guides specifically for our nonprofit member organizations. In the meantime, I hear a lot of requests from members for suggestions on how they can get sample documents that they can scrub and repurpose for their own day-to-day operations.

With the understanding that neither I nor any of the INN staff are trained and accredited lawyers, accountants or human resources professionals, and that one should always consult with said professionals before using a “borrowed” document, let me share with you a treasure trove of free and low-cost documents that are available to you right away:¬† has more than 20 million professional documents in multiple formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.), ranging in subject from legal to business to technology to finance. For example, when you search for “freelance” on the site, you get back pages and pages of both free and low-cost examples for download.

I’ve personally downloaded and, when able, shared documents in this very practical resource for small businesses and professionals for several years now. Again, I have never used a sample doc without scrubbing and, when dealing with a legally binding issue, without further review. But it’s a really good place to start.