An In-Depth Look at iNewsource Magazine

Exclusive Audio Interview with Lorie Hearn

Nowadays, many news organizations are diversifying their content distribution strategies to reach as many people as possible in the communities they serve and cover. This includes providing news through multiple digital venues such as the website, social media, through mobile alerts, mobile apps, tablet editions, and email newsletters. Despite recent challenges in the news industry with the print platform, it can still be a viable way to reach audiences and to provide different content from what appears on the digital platform.inewsource-big

This week the Hub takes a moment to talk with INN member Lorie Hearn, founder and executive director of the nonprofit news organization, Investigative Newsource. In this exclusive audio interview, Hearn tells the Hub about the recent print product initiative she launched that seeks to reach different audiences with their investigative journalism coverage.

Who are they?

The Investigative Newsource began in 2009 and they produce investigative journalism for the citizens of Southern California. She has a staff of two-full time journalists with an expertise in databases, a full time reporter specializing in multimedia storytelling, and a part time D.C. correspondent.

What did they launch?

In October, the Investigative Newsource decided to launch an eight-page magazine to provide information to the community in preparation for Election Day. It was distributed to 2,000 people across the San Diego community.

Click on the audio clip below to hear the full audio interview about how Hearn and her team launched this initiative, how this strategy is a unique way to present investigative journalism to the public, and how other news ventures can launch their own similar initiative.