Michael Maness on Knight Foundation’s Priorities and Ensuring Impact

In a new Nieman Lab podcast, Joshua Benton interviews Knight Foundation’s Michael Maness. The interview is a must-listen for anyone in the foundation-funded journalism space. From Benton:

If you pay much attention to the journalism innovation world — or if you’ve been reading this site for long — you know that Knight is the biggest of big dogs in the space. They give more than $30 million a year to a mixture of startups, news organizations, coding projects, and other ventures they believe will help support the information needs of communities. Name a prominent nonprofit news outlet or journalism school — or, increasingly, a news-related open source project — and there’s a pretty good shot Knight has either funded it or been asked to fund it. (That includes — disclosure! — this website, which has received Knight funding.) You could get a pretty good idea of the journalism-innovation zeitgeist just by looking at who Knight is funding at any given moment.

Read the full article on Nieman Lab, or download the podcast directly.

Via Nieman Lab.