• Thanks for the article! We’ve enjoyed using iBooks Author. It’s intuitive and has great built-in widgets to add interactive and multimedia elements to books. The downside is that you can only sell your book on iBookstore. Creativist, Atavist’s web-based app, allows you to create e-books for multiple e-readers at once. We’re experimenting with it this summer. E-books are really great, but we’re still seeing that we need to build a market for them for non-breaking news international journalism. Eager to get feedback if anyone’s read our books or other international news e-books! http://bit.ly/PCebooks

  • Amy Schmitz Weiss

    Thanks so much for sharing this information Caroline! It’s another platform and tool that can help when it comes to ebook production. Good luck with your project! Eager to hear about others’ experiences on this front too.