Collaboration Tools for the Newsroom


Saad Faruque/flickr

Collaboration has become the norm in many newsrooms today. A newsroom cannot function without collaborative processes, a solid team and digital tools that can help support that collaboration.

There are several collaborative tools to help the manage the news operation and this week I provide an update to that list. Specifically, this week I offer some digital tools that can help facilitate collaboration in the newsroom whether you are an editor, designer, coder or reporter in the news organization.

Digital File Storage/Sharing

Sharing content and storing it is a common routine in newsrooms today.  Are you using email to share your content with your newsroom staff? Are you storing your files locally on your computer? Both can pose a problem when it comes to working on collaborative projects with several team members. For example, it can be difficult to find a way to easily share files such as videos with others in the newsroom using email and finding a way to get those files from your local computer to the whole team. Using an online digital storage and file sharing service can help alleviate that. Here are two options to explore:


When working on enterprise-wide stories, having a brainstorming session can be helpful to figure out how the story will get put together and published by the whole team. This can be difficult to do if part of your staff is in the office and the rest of your staff is virtual. Here are some mindmapping and brainstorming tools that can be used from the comfort of your computer wherever your staff may be:

Content Collaboration/Project Management

For large-scale projects, having a content collaboration system or project management software can make a difference in how the project is completed and how everyone stays on task. Here are some options to consider:

Code Sharing/Collaboration

Nowadays, building websites, apps and other digital projects can require a lot of time and effort on the coding end. In some cases, the code may be the biggest hurdle or challenge in the collaborative process. For the developer and coders on staff, having a repository to post the code, share it with others and get feedback on it can make a big difference on how the project progresses. Here are some collaborative tools that help to facilitate code sharing and management:

Design Collaboration

When it comes to making mock-ups for digital projects, sharing images and/or getting feedback on a design, designers can find it a challenge to get all the team players together to view the work. There are some online tools that can help the designers on your staff find an easy way to share their work with others and get feedback instantly through the digital platform. Some of these options include uploading the mock-up and providing access to it through the digital platform, and in other cases, it can be as simple as sharing the designer’s computer screen with the team to view the design. Here are some options:

These are just some of the many tools available for facilitating collaboration in the workplace. All of these tools can be of benefit to a newsroom operation and the staff who have a myriad of shared tasks to complete in a given day.

Many of these tools offer free trials so it may be worth it to give them a spin first and see what one works best for you and your staff before you sign onto a payment plan. Happy exploring and collaborating!