Mobile Fundraising: Why aren’t we there yet?

It is the year 2014 and mobile technology is already advancing many aspects of journalism including crowdsourcing, geotagging and augmented reality.

For the nonprofits that rely on donations, however, mobile fundraising presents an intriguing opportunity toward sustainability. But how quickly is mobile technology moving into the realm of fundraising?

That’s a question Richard McPherson tackles in this latest piece titled ‘Mobile Fundraising: Why aren’t we there yet?‘.

McPherson, a San Francisco-based fundraising consultant, looks at the challenges of mobile fundraising, why it’s so hard to do, and how it has evolved. For any organization that has considered doing mobile fundraising, he offers this insight:

  • Learn the facts and issues. Your schedule should include at least a quarterly webinar on mobile giving from Heather Mansfield, Darian Rodriguez Heyman, or from one of the mobile campaign companies listed here. Sure they want you to buy their services, but they have the best, most current case studies, and in my experience genuinely want to help you learn.
  • Learn about the tools. A simple search on “mobile devices” on the NTEN site yields data specific tools for mobile optimizing tools for content and secure giving. Go beyond the nonprofit community to publications like GeekWire and Plus, all the credit card sites have clear explanations and current status updates on their wallets. 
  • Be a mobile donor and shopper. Sign up for mobile alerts, and join or give to a charity you like. The Heifer Project is everyone’s favorite example of most digital fundraising, and mobile is no exception. Join any walk-a-thon or other peer-to-peer event offer mobile engagement and giving. Or shop around Kickstarter for projects offering mobile giving. And use a digital wallet at the ball game, coffee shop or department store and compare the experience to giving to your organization.

The full post was originally published on NTEN.