100Reporters publishes first book on iTunes

100Reporters is known for its in-depth, hard-hitting reporting in parts of the world mired by conflict and corruption. And earlier this month, the nonprofit (and INN member) published its first multimedia “iBook” available for purchase on the iTunes store.

Tainted_Waters_August_26_FINAL_05-229x300The book, Tainted Waters, is based on the reporting of Chad Bouchard who visited the remote town of Sinjar in northwestern Iraq where drinking water was making people sick.

“What he found was a tale of American reconstruction gone awry, where money that should have gone for water treatment instead paid phantom employees, petrol that should have fueled pumps was siphoned for private use, and cities were left to fend for themselves,” says Diana Jean Schemo, co-founding executive editor of 100Reporters. “He portrays a city hamstrung by graft and mired in resentment, and paints an early, intimate portrait of Sinjar on the edge of an abyss.”

The book uses audio, video, photos and text, and it’s selling on iTunes for 99 cents.

You can check out a video preview of the book here.