Daily Climate launches Kickstarter to fund environmental journalism

The latest journalism project coming to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter wants to make science and journalism interactive in one place.

The Daily Climate this week launched a campaign to fund a website made up of user-generated content, photos or comments or questions shared on Twitter or Facebook. The idea behind Climate at Your Doorstep is that it will encourage people to talk about climate change as it is happening around them.

“Essentially the goal is to change the paradigm, so journalism is more than just reporters saying what the news is,” says Dana Dugan, assistant editor for the Daily Climate.

The Daily Climate’ project will be funded only if backers pledge at least $25,628 by November 5. DailyClimate.org and its sister site, EHN.org, are both publications of Environmental Health Sciences. Both are members of the Investigative News Network.


Dugan says this is the first time it has taken to Kickstarter for funding a project like this one, which includes producing environment-focused stories. It’s a new experiment for the organization, she says.

And a lot of it is riding on user participation. For example, the multi-phase project hopes to bring readers and scientists together to answer questions and share ideas through the use of the #climatedoorstep hashtag.

“We really hope folks pass along the Kickstarter link and use that hashtag to create and join the discussion on climate change,” she says.