launches with focus on nonprofit and independent news business

At the Investigative News Network we recognize there is a growing need to share lessons in the nonprofit and independent news business.

That’s why we came up with—a new website featuring all manner of insights, lessons, tips, resources, and the best business practices in nonprofit and independent journalism. The site is a repository of the weekly content we share on our newsletter, which is delivered to your inbox every Tuesday. (By the way, you can sign up for the newsletter here.)

There are many great reading choices out there that cover the journalism business focusing on the relevant and the innovative, so why should you read this one? arose from a need to address the particular needs of a growing segment in the media ecosystem: the independent news community. This group includes those who are interested in the business of nonprofit and mission-driven independent journalism—whether as a practitioner or forward-thinker.

INN is a champion for nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative journalism, and an emerging leader in the arena. We believe that a free and vibrant independent press is essential to a free democracy and that investigative and accountability journalism is the disinfectant of society.

Within that mission, it is essential that we pass along the best insights and resources to our audience, including a curated list of upcoming journalism fellowships and grant opportunities. Sharing knowledge is part of being a good steward of collaboration and innovation.

We also wanted a place to share all the lessons learned in the experiments funded by the INNovation Fund. Grant recipients from the first round in April are already producing a great deal of work, and sharing their lessons in real time. Our Round 2 winners will begin work as soon as they are announced, and is where we will track their progress and regularly feature what they are learning.

Finally, INN member organizations are growing AND innovating. We will showcase the best advice they have to offer to other independent publishers, whether it is in collaboration, fundraising, or how to measure impact.

Consider this a work in progress. We are just getting started, and welcome all the feedback and advice on how to make this site work for you.

You can reach me at or follow us on Twitter at @Journo_biz to interact directly with us.