Making media a conversion business

To be successful on that front, news organizations need to examine what they’re asking their visitors to do besides read and challenge them to cross the line from being consumers to becoming more active supporters of the work.

VIDEO: Google Hangout Conversation Between INN Members & Knight Foundation On Nonprofit News Sustainability

Today INN hosted a Google Hangout with representatives of the Knight Foundation on the topic of nonprofit news sustainability with the authors of Knight’s recent report, “Finding a Foothold: How Nonprofit News Organizations Seek Sustainability.” The report gives readers a deep dive into 18 nonprofit news organizations, how they bring in money to support their work, and how that’s changed over time. Key questions addressed during this conversation include:

What’s the right mix when it comes to devoting resources toward core editorial functions and efforts like marketing and fundraising? What are the most common ways news nonprofits create earned revenue? What doesn’t work?