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Welcome to CJET’s online courses! This page will help explain the purpose of these online courses, who is it for, and how to complete each of the courses. Refer to this course syllabus if you have any questions.

What is CJET?

CJET, or Community Journalism Executive Training, is INN’s annual bootcamp program for newsroom leaders and executives. During CJET, INN offers training and professional development programs that help newsroom staff stay current with emerging technologies and evolving practice. By providing realtime and archival classes and programs, INN can help build newsroom competence and create opportunities for innovations in practice. online courses serve as precursors to the more intensive CJET bootcamp, which will be happening this year in Austin, Texas. online courses are a basic introduction to CJET and are highly recommended for anyone who attends it. More online courses will be added in the future.

Who is it for?

CJET and online courses are designed for

  • Independent journalists who want to step into the role of newsroom leader or executive.
  • Existing newsroom leaders and executives who want to take their business acumen to the next level through training provided by industry experts.

Is CJET free?

The annual CJET in-person bootcamp is subsidized through INN and foundation grants, however, some minimal costs are required of attendees. online courses are completely free.

How do I complete the online courses? online courses are self-guided, self-paced, and require no prior knowledge. Each course is divided into chapters, and each includes a prerecorded video by the instructor. The courses also include related materials including worksheets and the slideshow presentation. Click here to get to know the format and navigation links for each of the online courses.


Making A Great Pitch
Janine-Warner-headshot-250Instructor: Janine Warner

In this short course, author Janine Warner shows you how to create, practice, and deliver, an Elevator Pitch that can win the attention of even your busiest supporters.

The 100-Day Plan

RUSTY COATS 2 OF 2 IMAGES STAFF MSInstructor: Rusty Coats

This course guides you through the process of creating a 100-day plan designed to help publishers achieve their strategic goals through incremental steps.

Identifying & Cultivating Revenue Streams

INN CEO Kevin DavisInstructor: Kevin Davis

This course provides an in-depth look at revenue opportunities for independent publishers.


Creating a Budget

joe michaudInstructor: Joe Michaud

This course covers how to create a budget that will facilitate the financial sustainability of your news outlet.


Developing a Media Kit

Janine-Warner-headshot-250Instructor: Janine Warner

This course will help you craft a mission statement, better understand your audience and advertisers, write your own biography, and pull it all together in a media kit and About Us page.

Format & Navigation

Each online course is designed to be self-directed. The following is a breakdown of the course module and how it works.


Navigation bar: This bar will always remain visible as you move from one chapter to the next. It displays each of the chapters and any downloadable resources referenced in the course lectures. You may jump from one chapter to another through the navigation bar, or simply by clicking ‘next.’

Navigation bar


Course content: This section displays the main content for the course in video format. You can pause or point to any particular section of the video.

Course content


Navigation buttons: These buttons allow you to move from one portion of the course to the next in the order it was meant to be provided. “Previous section” takes you one chapter back; “next section” takes you one chapter forward. Note: You do not need to finish the video on the current content page to move forward. You can move forward or back at any moment.

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