The 100-Day Plan

This course guides you through the process of creating a 100-day plan designed to help publishers achieve their strategic goals through incremental steps.

Rusty Coats, president of Coats2Coats Consulting and creator of the Community Journalism Executive Training (CJET) curriculum, introduces methods to grow your organization so you can achieve sustainability.

You’ll also get a template for the 100-day-plan and tips for keeping your news startup on target.

Course Instructor


Rusty Coats is President and founder of Coats2Coats, a consultancy that focuses on a media future that is participatory, profitable and mobile, working with for-profit and non-profit media companies, startups and foundations funding journalism innovation. He also serves as Executive Director of the Local Media Consortium, which includes nearly 50 media companies driving more than two billion pageviews and 10 billion advertising impressions per month. Rusty has worked in interactive media since 1993, driving audience and revenue for such news companies as McClatchy, Media General and E.W. Scripps. He started his career as a reporter for his hometown newspaper, The Evening News in Jeffersonville, Indiana, and has worked for newspapers in Maine, Miami and Modesto, CA, as an investigative reporter and columnist, before becoming a technology reporter in 1993, covering the birth of interactive media. He also is the author of the novel "Out of Touch," published in 2011.