For the nonprofit journalism organization, staffing is a crucial component to the operation. However, there are unique roles that may be better serviced by experts outside of the organization such as the task of managing bills and payroll.

“Charlottesville Tomorrow has always used an outside bookkeeper to manage our bills and payroll. Once you are paying staff, offering employees benefits, and tracking assets, believe me this work is best offloaded to an expert. Let them figure out the withholdings, the federal tax payments, etc. Our bookkeeper makes a weekly visit to collect our invoices and print checks. She maintains a Quick Books database for our company and brings us an updated copy of the data on a USB drive each week. This allows us to run financial reports off our Quick Books program as needed,” Wheeler said.

Aside from managing the money, in other cases, you may want to find a content expert in your community who focuses on a specific topic (science, education, etc.) who can be a contributing writer to your news organization.

According to Julian Do, co-director of New America Media, inviting expert bloggers can provide a unique form expertise to your news organization, “A respected blogger will tend to concentrate on one topic in which he/she has the expertise like economics, science, or education. Their expertise would give a blogger credibility and enable the writer to discuss the issues intelligently with originality (not regurgitating what others have said),” Do said.

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