Screening Candidates

In addition to a recruitment strategy, you will need to identify how you will screen the candidates who apply.

Some questions to consider: how will you screen the first round of candidates? What information will you look for in the resumes? What information in the resume will disqualify someone from the position? Once you have gone through the resumes, what kind of screening will you do at the phone interview stage? Finally, what will be your screening process for the face-to-face interview?

It’s important to identify how you will screen candidates at each step of the process to make your selection process easier and more manageable.

The recruitment and staffing process does not happen overnight. It’s important to understand that it takes time and you must be patient in finding the right person for the position. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with several of the recruitment options above. You may find an intern or a freelancer may work best for a specific project whereas a volunteer may be best for another kind of task. Throughout the process, keep an open mind and you may be surprised at how your staffing needs are met.