Use Technology

Videotape internal trainings. When conducting internal trainings, try to videotape the session so those who could not attend can view the training at a later time.

Create an internal training website or wiki. This website can house all professional development and training information for your staff. This website can feature upcoming conference information, fellowship information, a training calendar, a training catalog, and lists of websites and books for learning new skills. It can also feature the videotaped trainings or internal webinars given by your staff.

Hold webinars. Often times, it’s hard to get everyone on the staff together. Consider hosting internal webinars on specific topics or subject areas.

Webinars have become a popular training mechanism in recent years across many industries in both the public and private sector. Webinars can allow your staff to attend a training virtually from their laptop or computer without having to travel far distances or lose too much time at work.

Poynter’s NewsU, ASNE and the Knight Digital Media Center are just a few of the organizations currently offering webinars to journalists on a variety of topics for an affordable cost.