Mobile Giving: Fundraising through the Mobile Platform

The idea of mobile giving or giving donations for charitable causes via the mobile platform is not new. For several years, many charitable organizations have been using the mobile platform as a way to seek donations for a variety of causes. Nonprofit news organizations can consider the mobile platform as another method for fundraising.

One of the most popular ways the mobile platform is used for donations is via the text message.

According to a 2012 report by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Harvard’s Berkman Center for the Internet & Society, in partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the mGive Foundation:

“Two thirds (64%) of American adults now use text messaging, and 9% have texted a charitable donation from their mobile phone.”

In the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake in 2010, the Pew study found that people were fast to donate the same day and do so via the mobile device through text message:

“The vast majority of these donors (89%) heard about the Text to Haiti effort on television, and half (50%) made their contribution immediately upon learning about the campaign. An additional 23% donated on the same day they heard about it.”

According to Director of Nonprofit Strategy, Sean Milliken of eBay, Inc., in an article republished in Forbes, “Last year alone, PayPal processed over $3.6 billion in donations for charities globally, up 22% from the year before.”