Tools to Get Started

There are several companies that can help your organization in creating a mobile giving campaign, here are just a few:

Google One Today

One Today is a mobile app through Google for the Android (currently in limited pilot in the U.S.).  First, a nonprofit must be signed up with Google for Nonprofits. There is no fee to use the One Today program. Google matches users to causes they are interested in and that user can make the decision whether they want to donate to that nonprofit or not. The user shares the news with others in the social network and the opportunity to give can spread through the network. Google sends the organization a monthly donation check through their partner Network for Good.


Requires PayPal Business Account. Account comes with a discount for nonprofits.

They also offer a PayPal HereTM tool. It’s a credit card reader tool that plugs into your mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android) and allows you to accept credit cards from your device on the spot. This can be helpful at fundraising events.


Nadanu has several plans based on the organization’s needs. You can set up multiple campaigns, track the campaigns individually and run detailed reports on each. They offer several ways to integrate the donation screen or fundraising campaign into social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.


Mobile Accord / mGive has over 500 charitable organizations using their platform. They offer several packages for nonprofits depending on the organization’s needs. The platform operates off the premise of the user being able to text message a donation to the organization and the user is charged that amount on their next mobile phone bill. The mobile phone company collects the money and sends the organization the funds received.

The Future is Mobile Giving

Nowadays, the mobile platform makes it easy for people to give to their favorite causes with a click of the button and do so often.  As Milliken states in the Forbes article, mobile giving is the future:

The next philanthropic horizon of mobile is here now. In 2013 and beyond, we predict more nonprofit organizations and fundraising professionals will adopt a mobile mindset and engage in mobile-enabled fundraising to tap into a new, growing donor pool.

Additional Resources:

Here are some additional resources that can help you on the path to starting a mobile giving campaign: