Search the web for your organization

1. Set up Google Alerts for your organization:

  • Use all variations of your name (including abbreviations and acronyms).
  • Set up alerts for all of your reporters’ names.
  • Search for specific keywords as your reports and projects are released.

If you are using Gmail, set up a filter to automatically apply a “Tracker” label as you receive Google Alerts email notifications, which will allow you to archive the relevant alerts, and delete duplicates or mistaken alerts as you receive them.

When you’re ready to update of your story tracker, open the “Tracker” folder and enter the results in chronological order, deleting the alerts as you complete the entries.

2. Conduct searches of the same keywords on the websites of the top five to ten news organizations that are picking up your content.

3. Using the same search terms, conduct a search on Google News, Yahoo!, Bing and any other search engines to discover content missed by the Google Alerts. Advanced search options allow you to refine your search by date or to only include certain domain or file type extensions.

4. Check in your state to see if there is an archive of all newspapers similar to the Wisconsin Newspaper Association News Tracker. (Note: Contact Denise Guttery with the Wisconsin Newspaper Association at to learn more about print monitoring options in your state.)