Advertising Programs and Partnerships for Nonprofits

A major promotional advantage for 501(c)(3) organizations is access to free, discounted or in-kind advertising opportunities. Nonprofit-news outlets can use these opportunities to promote their coverage proactively to interested audiences that might be outside of their immediate word-of-mouth/social-media networks.

There are several highly effective opportunities offered by large traffic driving companies to provide free advertising to non-profit organizations looking to broadcast their messages to a wider audience.

Google Grants
Google offers nonprofits the ability to promote their own headlines through their AdWords platform. With a $10,000 monthly limit, that’s $120,000 yearly advertising budget that provided free of charge to all qualified 501c3’s. For more information on how to apply for a Google Grant visit their details page.

The social aggregation site, Reddit, managed and viewed by more than 8 million monthly visitors, is offering $100 dollar credits for the month of September. This translates to advertising space for “three days of Reddit sponsored headlines” by nonprofits. It also ensures that your organization is well introduced to the thousands of Reddit readers who submit links daily for ranking in the social operation of the site.

YouTube Nonprofit Program
Youtube offers nonprofits the ability to take advantage of branding and promotional opportunities typically provided to larger commercial operations that leverage the YouTube platform for video distribution. These premium features cover the following:

If your organization already relies on YouTube for hosting and sharing videos, then gaining access to their premium features is just another way of ensuring that you realize the long tail traffic benefits that YouTube can provide. Be sure to visit their Nonprofits page for more details about the support they offer.