Facebook has two ways to present information about a person or organization.


A profile is a Facebook account for an individual. Profiles are limited to 5,000 friends, however you can add Subscribe on your profile to allow for your audience to see your public updates.


Activating subscribe on your profile allows people you are not friends with to get your public updates in their News Feed. Go to Facebook to learn more about Subscribe.


Pages used to be the way to have a public following on Facebook beyond your friends. Now that Facebook has added Subscribe, pages are more appropriate for organizations and less so for individuals.

Your organization’s page should have a clearly identifiable logo, that is still identifiable when seen in a news feed. You should also have a professional cover image that best represents your organization.

You can administer your page from your profile. Additional employees or contributors can be added as an admin on your page, and you can assign permissions based on their job duties.

News feed

The News Feed is how most people consume content on Facebook. People do not often go to individual or organizational accounts, and you should assume that most people will see any of your updates among updates from their friends and the other pages they like.

Facebook’s Algorithms

EdgeRank is the name for the primary algorithms that determine how Facebook ranks your content, and who it shows it to. Not everyone who likes your page, subscribes to your updates — or even friends you — will see all the updates you post. There is simply too much content for that.


Pages have analytics built into Facebook, which give you an idea of how many people see each post, and how many people clickthrough.