How to Enhance Your Social Media Presence

As a nonprofit journalism organization, having a social media presence gives you a channel to distribute news and information, announce events you may be hosting, use it as a fundraising tool, and a way to engage with your audience on the news coverage you provide. In particular, here are a few tips to help with enhancing your Twitter presence.

  • Create more than just an overall Twitter profile for your organization. The public will feel more connected to your organization when they can follow a real person from your staff on Twitter. Consider key members of your staff who have a unique voice that the public would be interested to hear from and engage with.
  • Use hashtags when appropriate. If you are posting information related to a specific topic or event, don’t be afraid to include a hashtag with the post. By including the hashtag in the post, people who follow that subject on Twitter may become future followers or new audiences to your news website. If the hashtag doesn’t already exist in the Twittersphere, don’t be afraid to create your own.
  • Post the information more than once. Your followers may not see your organization’s tweets throughout the day and may miss out on something you have posted. Don’t be afraid to tweet the information more than once in a day, in a week or a month. Just make sure to rewrite the post with different information so it is fresh and new.
  • Look internally. Your staff may have a special expertise in a subject area. Use the Twitter account to help showcase this expertise by posting tips, factoids or findings related to the subject area. This activity allows you to provide a different form of information to the public and may lead to new followers or new audiences to your website.
  • Shorten the URL. A tweet can be hard to write if you have a lot of information to share and have to include a long website address. Make sure to use a URL shortener like bitly ( It will reduce your URL to a few characters so you can maximize the 140-character space to write your post.