• Guide: The INN Outreach and Marketing Guide. Explore the tools and techniques for connecting with interested, news-seeking communities, and follow links to offiste resources.
  • Article: “Managing your Nonprofit Newsroom’s Brand,” by Kevin Davis. The key to the success of newsrooms that rely on links and citations from larger media outlets, giving the newsrooms increased exposure and impact.
  • Article: “The Power of CRM for Nonprofit News Organizations,” by Amy Schmitz Weiss. CRM (community- or constituent-relationship management) software helps organize and strengthen the relationships within a news organization’s diverse constituencies — donors, volunteers, news seekers, board members and other important groups.
  • Case Study: Voice of San Diego Membership Program “Raise Your Voice.” (Cross-referenced to the Fundraising Guide.) “Every museum, theater company all have something similar – we need to do what they do well … Treat our members well. Give them benefits and experiences. Keep track of them and make sure they renew annually.”
  • Whitepaper: Audience Development and Distribution Strategies. “It’s easy for journalists to take for granted the reach and influence that their former employers offered. When you unbundle content from mass distribution channels, you are left in the difficult position of making sure that audience will come to what you build.”