Online Course in Time Management (Part 1)

This course will help you manage your time more efficiently and effectively, with a focus on ensuring you carve out adequate time for generating revenue. Discover how Money Monday can get you off to a great start each week, and why breaking projects into smaller tasks is the key to accomplishing big goals.

You’ll also get worksheets you can use to put what you learn into action, including: A Prospect List, Project Tests, and Professional Development Opportunities.

INN first published this course in 2014 in connection with its Community Journalism Executive Training (CJET). The instructor is Lisa Williams.


Lisa Williams introduces her course on Time Management for Entrepreneurs.

Chapter 1: Day Bucketing

Lisa introduces the concept of Day Bucketing to help you ensure that you’re spending adequate time on revenue generation and professional development.

Chapter 2: Breaking Projects into Tasks

Lisa shows you how to break big projects into manageable tasks.

The lessons continue in Part 2