Creating a Business Model

All beginnings require exceptional care if they are to result in great harvest. — The I-Ching

Many entrepreneurs get excited about their idea and move forward without thinking through all the components involved in starting a sustainable business. That’s why it is important to spend time on a business plan.

Your business plan should provide the narrative that explains your concept and demonstrates to funders, potential board members, employees and others how well you understand the complexities of how your enterprise will function. Who will find value in it? How will it operate sustainably? Why should it be funded?

Given the importance of the business plan, why don’t more entrepreneurs pay attention to creating one?

One answer is that business plans are perceived as being repetitive, using language that is foreign to most entrepreneurs. And because business plans are written in a linear fashion, entrepreneurs often lose sight of the interconnectivity among the various components.

The animated video series “From Idea to Business” can help you and your organization quickly articulate your business concept and the key components necessary to execute it using a business model canvas.

Once you understand how a canvas works, you can use this business model canvas tool to plot out the nine building blocks required for your concept.

The canvas includes the key questions for each of the nine segments of the canvas that have been adapted for nonprofit news organizations.