Market Research

Answering the questions about your audience, the relationship they have with you, and how you plan to deliver your content requires more than anecdotal evidence. It will require market research and market analysis. Market research provides data about the industry, the area of focus and the target audience.

Below are some market research guidelines to help you get an understanding of your audience.

Once you have completed market research on each of your target audiences, it may be helpful to develop a persona for each of them. Using this INN-Persona-Profile-Form will consolidate all you have learned about your audience into a clear picture of who they are.

Market Research Guidelines

As noted before, market research tells you who your target audience is; where they are and how large the potential market is. Here are some of the key dimensions of the target audience that should be determined:

  • Demographic profile – factors such as age, race, gender, income, occupation.
  • Psychographic profile – what are their attitudes, values, opinions, interests and lifestyles?
  • Size of the potential market – how many of them are there?
  • Determine the demand for your product

Primary and secondary research is necessary to answer these questions about the market.

  • Types of Primary research methods
    • In-depth interviews
    • Focus groups
    • Surveys
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Secondary Research sources
    • Industry reports
    • Trade publications
    • Media reports

RESOURCES: These are general demographic and psychographic resources