Fundraising Plans

An annual fundraising plan is a key component of successful fundraising. Your plan ensures that your staff and board of directors are in alignment about priorities, strategies and roles. Without a plan, reaching goals can be difficult – with no plan, you may not know when you are successful.

Overall, organizations with a fundraising plan generate more of their revenue from individuals, have more donors, and record a higher average gift.

INN has created the News Giving Roadmap — a comprehensive program including templates and samples designed to help our members improve their fundraising. The program offers members a Fundraising Plan Guide that includes a step-by-step outline for:

  • Reviewing your historical data
  • Analyzing your income and expenses
  • Using your fundraising performance to establish your goals
  • Creating and tracking your organizational and fundraising goals

Our Fundraising Plan Guide helps you to gather and analyze your data throughout each step of the planning process. As you organize and analyze your fundraising metrics, it is advised to work with your board, fundraising committee and staff as appropriate while planning.

With a fundraising plan in place, according to the Individual Donor Benchmark Report by Third Space Studio, each donor meeting yields more than $5,000 in increased donor revenue.

And with a fundraising plan that engages board members, for every board member active in fundraising there is an increase of $11,686 for individual donor revenue.*

* Individual Donor Benchmark Report 2015, Third Space Studio