Tips for Writing Your Business Plan

Be objective. While your tone should be positive and confident, don’t exaggerate your experience or resources. Be factual about the strengths and weaknesses of both your operation and potential competitors.

Keep it simple, focused and easy to read. Brevity is crucial if you want others to read your business plan. But include explanations of terms and trends that may be unfamiliar to potential benefactors who are new to supporting nonprofit news. Anticipate their questions and refer briefly to the most important research, data and trends that support your plans.

Get a trusted outsider to read and provide feedback.

Review and revise as assumptions change. Your business plan can be written with an eye towards the future, but it must accurately describe where you are now. When you make strides such as signing major distribution deals, update the plan.

As in any story you write, you should start with an introduction summarizing your plan, and end with a conclusion reiterating the feasibility of the concept. Depending how far along you are in your planning, you may also attach a detailed tactical plan outlining activities planned during the startup years.