HR and Employment

Many resources are available to help you decide whether to hire staff, outsource work or utilize volunteers.

Advice about the many issues surrounding employment is available from the National Council of Nonprofits.

It’s important to know the legal difference between employees and volunteers and why it matters. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center has a detailed explanation.

For startups planning to hire a staff, INN offers a sample organizational chart. We also can provide you sample job descriptions that have been posted by our members. This Sample Development Director Job Description comes from MinnPost.

For supporting and managing staff, INN provides this sample employee handbook. Additional advice that’s useful for online newsrooms is in this Sample e-Workplace HR Policy from the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group.

Startups that become members or are provisional members of INN (defined as organizations launched in the past 18 months) can obtain low-cost access to our Compensation Study. It’s a survey of compensation and benefits data for specific job roles at newsrooms across the INN network.