How to Use This Guide

LEARN has two sets of resources: A Startup Guide that can help those planning to launch news websites walk through planning and operational issues, and the LEARN resource collection, an index to resources, case studies and advice for news nonprofits at any stage. The Startup Guide is designed as a primer, roughly in order of things that nonprofit news site founders need to think about. LEARN clusters resources by topic.

How-tos on either site have been edited/curated by INN. Links and sample documents are contributed by the INN member community and partners and may not have been edited by INN. Use your own judgment in assessing any of this material.

If you see something you believe is incorrect or misdirects people, please email We take down really outdated content, but do leave up evergreen material that may include some outdated reference point but is still useful. Our latest perspective on trends in the nonprofit news sector is updated periodically on our INN Index page.