Five Useful Tools for Journalists


Real-time traffic statistics allow publishers to answer three basic questions at any point in the lifecycle of a story. How many people are on my site right now? What articles are they currently reading? Where did they come from? The answers to these three questions should form the basis for an organization’s social media and content distribution strategy.

A Primer on Deploying Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) can be a powerful tool for tracking the effectiveness of journalists to produce content for the widest audience possible online. At its most basic level, GA is a tool that provides statistics in near real-time on user engagement, the amount of time a visitor spends on a site, how many pages they viewed and where the visitor headed next. There are also advanced techniques that can expand upon these basic questions to expose journalists to detailed patterns of content consumption. There are a handful of approaches to placing Google’s tracking code on a site. For basic tracking, it can be as simple as pasting the Google provided tracking code into the <head></head> of the main template on all of the site pages. Depending upon the CMS that your site is built on, there are a number of modules and plug-ins that manage the placement of a basic tracking tag site wide.