Value Proposition Builder

This worksheet accompanies the INN Startup Guide

Describe your Customer Segment. Be as specific as possible. If you have multiple customer segments create a separate Value Prop for each. Use bullet points.


What problem(s) are they trying to solve? What needs are they trying to satisfy? What tasks are they trying to accomplish? What situation are they seeking to improve?


What outcomes and benefits do they want?(examples: social gains, status, positive emotions, easier lives)


What risks do they fear? What challenges and difficulties do they encounter? (examples: financial risks, loss of power or trust, performance issues)


What is your current or proposed product or service? (Be concise. Get to the heart of it.)


How does your product or service produce the outcomes and benefits that they desire? How does it alleviate their fears and challenges? (You should be able to articulate this in two to four sentences.)


Who or what are the alternatives that they have? (There is always an alternative.)


How do you set yourself apart from the other alternatives?


Why should they believe that you can deliver what you say? Provide proof, for example, by showing past results.


Link your answers together and you have a Value Proposition!

For ( target customer) who is looking to (solve problem or improve a situation), Our ( product/service) will (produce what benefit or alleviate what challenge). Unlike (list primary alternative),  our (product/service) will (set yourself apart by showing how you can eliminate their fear) because (provide proof).

Continue to fine tune until it tells a concise and compelling story. Remember one Value Prop per Customer Segment.